“Captain Marvel”: Late to the Fight

So, this is how it is when it’s Marvel trying too hard?

To date, trying too hard was more a DC’s speciality. The only time they didn’t, it was Patty Jenkins’ superheroine movie “Wonder Woman”, the only DCEU entry worth attention, and the only time they beat MCU. Now the decade-long mega-franchise arrived late to the battle and, unfortunately, not suitably equipped.

I love Brie Larson since her amazing performance in “Room”, but also from her smaller role and her rendition of “Black Sheep” in “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”. Samuel L. Jackson needs no introduction. Ben Mendelsohn is a surprise while Jude Law – a disappointment. But the banter and quips between the characters, both in tense caper scenes and the quiet conversations, are easily the best part of the movie.

The rest though is a mess. MCU films to date fell into their specific genres: Iron Man was sci-fi, Captain America movies were James Bond-style spy flicks and Guardians of the Galaxy (and the last Thor) were just all-out space opera fantasy, kinda like Star Wars is supposed to be (at least that was my 2014 pre-Episode 7 take). “Captain Marvel”‘s problem is that it tries to be too many things at once, and it all just doesn’t click. And when out heroine gets the full extent of her powers, she reaches the ridiculous levels of overpowering and all stakes are basically gone.

But still, the empowering messages are worth it all and just for the character of Carol Danvers and her “I don’t have to prove anything to you” I will be happy to show it to my daughter one day. But still only after Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman”.

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