“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”: Every Spider-Man Ever

Just as Warner Brothers and DC Comics are unable to successfully rip-off anything Marvel does (making such monsters like “Suicide Squad”  in complete misunderstanding of what makes a movie actually dark, or “Justice League” in a misguided, rushed attempt to make an ensemble superhero movie in their own poorly constructed cinematic universe), Sony and Marvel succeed in the exact opposite, taking a lead from WB’s “Lego Batman Movie”, (the fact that it’s directed by people responsible for “The LEGO Movie” only helps the matter) which was the The Ultimate Batman Flick to End All Batman Flicks, and making the same but more for their most iconic superhero, Spiderman.

Because that’s what this is, and it’s just beyond awesome. Visually it’s ground-breaking, breath-taking and mind-blowing. It deserves all the awards in the world for the way it looks and feels alone. But it’s awesomeness doesn’t end in the visuals.

It’s full of fantastic references that work on various levels and meta-levels (even Donald Glover can be found here… as Troy Barnes, his character from “Community”!).

Besides, it’s also a touching story about a boy and his dad, his family, his school at the age of adolescence. This is handled really well and made me root for everyone in the Morales family. And all the various Spider-people (not just humans, mind you) from all around the multiverse (including Nicholas Cage fantastically voicing the Noir Spider-Man).

And finally, it’s fun. Actual literal metric tons of fun. I was grinning from the very first to the very last moment and I can’t wait to go see it and enjoy it as much again and again.

You can read this and other reviews on my Letterboxd profile.


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