Years passed, things happened, I’m a different person now with some new things to say. I looked around thinking what to do with it, considered reviving my older blog, but then decided against it.

This one started long ago as well, but at least when I read my old posts here I don’t cringe as much, even though it was some 6 years ago. Maybe it’s because it was mainly media-focused? Anyway, this is the foundation I believe I can build on.

Yet when I started this blog back then it was just to write about culture (hence the uber-pretentious original name that I can’t even utter anymore, so hopefully it’ll be lost in oblivion) and now it won’t be all I want to write about. So I changed the name, the theme, the look and feel and here’s where you will be able to find my ramblings on things that matter to me.


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