Musical Retrospective of 2011 – Part 3 of 3

music2011-39. Mike Oldfield – “Tricks of the Light”

Keeping with the topic of old songs, in 2011 I continued exploring the music of Mike Oldfield, and one of my greates discoveries was his 1984 album called, nomen omen, “Discovery”. It was his third album with mostly regular songs in a row, after highly successful “Five Miles Out” and “Crises”, but I have to say, of those three this one I think is the best. The songs seem to flow one into another, the musical themes gets reused, two vocalists Barry Palmer and Maggie Reilly interchange and sometimes sing together, especially in this song, which was really hard to pick as the best on this album. Since it flows seamlessly, the song may not sound so great separatedly, that’s why I recommend to listen to the whole album – it’s absolutely worth it!

10. Kavinsky – “Nightcall”

From the actual 1980s we get to a song made to sound like the essence of the 80s. Kavinsky, humorously described as “the guy who released the album ‘1986’… in 2007”, provided his song to be used for the title sequence of the film “Drive”, one of the best pictures of lat year, thus setting the whole slow and melancholic tone of the movie about stunt driver. Notice the paradox? Yes, the movie is worth watching, and the song is worth listening to.

11. Kelly Bailey – “Reconstructing Science”

We get back to video games music. The year 2011 saw the release of a sequel to one of the best and innovative games in history – “Portal”. As expected, the sequel also gave us an awesome ending song, SPOILER WARNING! “Want You Gone”, which is even better than “Still Alive” from the first game since it uses the talents of amazing Ellen McLain (an opera singer) to much better extent. But it’s not the greatest song from the game’s soundtrack. That trophy goes to this shockingly short (1 minute 25 seconds) piece by Kelly Bailey, which accompanied the trailers of the game and actually made me buy it just a few days after the release. Just tell me, why oh why is it so short? I want more!

12. Pifie and Errol – “Walkthrough”

Lastly, there is an interesting entry on my list of best songs of 2011. A song that was made as a joke, but proves that even comedy can be provided with great attention to detail and focus on quality. “Walkthrough”, by two Internet guys Pifie (music) and Errol (lyrics and vocal), is a sung with great passion walkthrough to “ZORK”, a legendary text adventure game from 1979. The vocals and music make this nostalgia-based joke sound like Radiohead song and I just like listening to it from time to time to catch the mysterious athmosphere of the game’s world. Oh, and I played the game using song’s lyrics, and it is pretty actual!


So, that was 2011, and 2012 already started great with a song I heard on a radio and immediately fell in love with: Gotye’s “Do I Even Have To Tell You The Title?” And I really don’t care if the song has been viewed on YouTube by 50 million people and linked to on Facebook by everyone in the world and their mothers – the song is fucking awesome and I love it. I love the delicate music, the glockenspiel tune, the painfully true lyrics sung with such passion, and the lady’s vocal in third verse. And screw the backlash and the memetic mutations infesting the Internet – if a song is that great it deserves to be popularized.

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